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  • 1998 Be awarded as Top Eight Sporting Goods Company in China.
  • 2001 Be ratified as Key Support & Top Brands in Export Commodities by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.
  • 2000, 2003 Was selected to be one of the "Top Brands in Fujian, China".
  • 2005 Be awarded the "Key Support and Develop Top Brands in Export Commodities" by the National Department of Commerce of year 2005-2006.
  • 2005 Be awarded the "Honesty Units in Xiamen, 2003-2004".
  • 2004 Getting ISO9001:2000 certification on the "International Standard Quality Management System" and SG Factory Certificate from the "Consumer Product Safety Association" in Japan.
  • 2004 Winning "Top 30 Sporting Goods Companies in the Chinese Association of Culture & Education".
  • 2004 Be awarded the "Famous-brand Product in Fujian, China".
  • Getting ISO9002 certification on the "International Standard Quality Management System".
  • Professional graphite badminton rackets have been ratified as Chinese official tournament rackets by the Chinese Badminton Association.
  • Be awarded the "Gold Medal for Chinese Sporting Goods" for many years.
  • Being one of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association in the United States.
  • Be chosen as a deputy trustee in the Chinese Association of Culture & Education.
  • Be a member of the Chinese Sporting Goods Association.